Welcome to my website, where I host all my crap.

As of now, you can find - a running copy of pce.js (mac emulator), some hackintosh help, some soundcloud songs, some bass playing and building information, no programming info (yet!) and some experiments.

Site News

Here you can find news about the site. Unsurprisingly.

9th May 2015

The website has been updated with a new super-cool responsive layout! It now actually works on mobile devices and tablets, so now you can browse my total lack of content on the go! Of course, I still don't use a CMS and only recently moved to using Dreamweaver templates; with the old site I had to change things on every page manually. It was awful.

4th May 2015

There's a new section on the site, and I therefore present to you the 'Recipes' section! It currently features one recipe, which is not even good. I like to think that this site really helps me sell myself.